Stop stunting your yields.

Prevent crop damage

Herbicide overspray often leads to dead (or seriously stunted) crops along field borders. Green Shield stops your spray where it should be stopped—right on the line*.

Improve weed control

Weeds at the end of your spray boom only receive a half-rate of herbicide—just enough for them to build resistance while still choking out your crop. Green Shield focuses a full rate of spray onto the weeds at the end of your sprayer's boom for a more complete kill.

Protect Against Liability

When your spray extends into the neighbor's field, get ready to compensate him for the lost bushels. Or, be proactive and block overspray at your field's edge with Green Shield*.

Loved by Farmers & Custom Applicators


Works awesome to keep grass growing in ditches and filter strips along edges of fields. Also helps minimize weed lines between fields of different crops. Wouldn't be without it!!!


Works very well. Really like the remote for ease of use. I even hit a fence post with it and it kept working.


As a custom applicator, Green Shield has made me more confident spraying along differing crops, lawns, and road ditches. Knowing it is there protecting what is beyond the boom from overspray makes my job easier.


Works great! Would recommend it to anyone.

Built for the toughest jobs.

Spring Reset

Breakaway pivot points with automatic reset protects Green Shield from the ground and obstacles.

No Contact Operation

Green Shield is operated entirely from the cab, which means you can stay far away from harmful pesticides.

Remote Control

Deploy and retract Green Shield from the cab via remote. (No wiring into the cab required.)

Tough Construction

Green Shield is constructed with rust-resistant stainless steel, lightweight aluminum, and heavy-duty plastic.

Free Return

14-day money back guarantee

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